8 ways to prepare your body for fasting

Contrary to popular belief, a bit of preparation is needed before your body becomes accustomed to fasting. Let us take a quick look at the best ways to prepare yourselves for Ramadan fasting.Food consumption – Always begin with moderate quantities, no need to go all Rambo-like over food. This will only increase your appetite and make it moredifficult for you to fast.Early breakfast – This means Sehri. Never skip this. By having an early brekkie, your body gets used to the earlyhour wake-ups.No snacking in between - During Ramadan, you will have to get used to having two main meals, Suhoor and Iftar. This way, you will only have to cut out one meal.Reducing caffeine intake – That’s right, those caffeine-induced adrenaline and alack of it resulting in irritability and restlessness will have to be restrained. After all, that is what Ramadan is all about.Voluntary fasting - Try doing a few fasts in the run up to Ramadan to help you adapt. This is also a great opportunity tomake up for any missed fasts from last year.Control your sleep – As you have to wake up for Sehri in the wee hours of the night, you will have to start sleeping earlier in advance, to acclimatise your sleep cycle.Stockpiling – You need to stock up your inventory well in advance. This way you can avoid the spiraling price rates of Iftar essentials.Consulting your doctor – If you have anyprior health issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure, be sure to check upwith your doctor before you begin fasting. Fasting can also have adverse effects on your body.

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