Increase 10,000 views in 5 days on YouTube, you can easily see the details

The respected Patak friends, Asakri are all good. We iutiubee many asaniye account karethaki, but as I hope that the results are not sufficient view was not the cherediye other business step, because the YouTube new rules relative to 10,000-view show will anyataya Google eyadasansa you Ad will not, Ad unless your income is not .You can do more here than the YouTube View.★ YouTube View, Like, Comments,★ Website Visitors,★ Twitter Flow, Like,★ Google Flow, MoreThen startFirst you need toSkylnk.Coregister on this site.If you register, you will be asked to make a vairipai, check the email now. A message will appear in your email, a message will appear in the message, copy the code where to tell you to give it there,Now click onAdd / Edit Sites, Fanson will appear on many sites like below, click here in the YouTube view.After clicking, a house like the following is coming, link your Youtube video here, click theSubmit button(Good to say a thing here, but you also haveto work, get a video view, like, comments, or you will not get the view.)When the video is played on the display, there is a text under it Yes, Add Video] [Wrong Video] yes, click add video, see Success!You’ve successfully added the video![Manage YouTube] Click Manage Video.Now your video will appear in the picture below, select how many points you want forthe view or how many points will be given for the viewer, all the better points 8+ is better.After clearing, look up (ok), click here, finishyour video submission,Now your point will take you 50 points for signing up, if you see your video in six people will be run. For this, first click onEarn PointsAll the websites will come, click here in the YouTube video view, the video you see hereis written belowVideo Viewwill be played on YouTube, this video will be watched 1 minute. In this way, the point is to earn points, while your video is also increasing the view. Do not hesitate to make comments if you benefit

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