How To Earn 11.99$ Free(Without Invest)

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How Are You? I think you are well. Today i want to show how to earn money from online free. Lets Start...

Step 1:

You Need To Go Here and Then Click To Get Start Button.

Step 2:

After You Click Get Start Button You Will See New Window in your browser.

Please Fill Up The Form Correctly and Also Click On Register Button To Go Continue.

Step 3:

You Will See A New Window in Your Browser.

You Need To Open Your Mail and Also Check Your Mail Inbox and Verify Your Mail.

Step 4:

Then You Will See The Message :

Click On Login Here. You Will Automated Redirect a page.

Step 5: 

Here You Need To Type You Username And Password Which You Use To Create Account Here.

Step 6:

And Then You Will Face 2 Factor Authentication. Now go To Your Mail and Check Inbox and See You Have got A Code From Here. Please Copy The Code and Type Here.

Step 7:

You Need To Click On Merchant Select Button.

Step 8:

Also Select The Payment Method All Coins.

Step 9:

Then You Need To Click on  Your Wallet.

Step 10:

Wow You Will Get 11.99$ FreeOn Your Wallet. This Fund Automatically Growing  Up Daily...

You Will Get The Fund After The Month I Mean Jun Month.

You Want To Sell The Dollar On Jun Month? Please Knock me On Facebook .

Thanks For Read My Topic.

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