How to set Grameenphone Welcome Tune

Method-1: SMS*.Go to message option.*.Type Wt Welcome Tune Code.*.Now message send 4000.*.Welcome tune active after confirmation SMS.Method-2: IVR*.Dial 4000*.Press 7 for voice search*.After beep tell the song name or singer name or album name then follow the next stepMethod-3: Ecare*.Go toEcare.*.If you already registered login with your mobile number and password.*.If you are not registered then registration first the login*.Go to Manage my service>>Welcome tune and set.Method-4: WAP Portal*.Go to your handset browser and visit this link *you need to EDGE/GPRS connectionwith grameenphone active internet.Method-5: Copy Welcome Tune*.When you like a welcome tune your friends or anyone that have set theirphone.*.Dial their phone number*.When welcome tune ringing then press " * " from your dial padMethod-6: USDD Code*.Dial *111*2*3*3#*.Then input your welcome tune code*.Follow next stepIn this six away you can set your gp welcome tune. Now set and enjoy.

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