Teletalk 100% Bonus Packages

Teletalk 100% Bonus Packages

 ►The Price is including all taxes.
 ►You can avail your desired data pack through any of the following methods:
  • Recharge exactly the given amount.
  • Dial the USSD activation code                
  • Type the Short Code in message option and send to 111. 
 ►SMS charge is free for data package activation
 ►To check data balance, type u" and send to 111
 ►After the expiration of availed data package, pay-per-use policy will be applied.Pay-per-use data rate is 1 KB/0.00102 Tk.
Volume & Price Main Volume & Validity Bonus Volume & Validity USSD Activation Code Short Code
Prepaid Postpaid
2 GB @ Tk.78  1GB (10 Days)  1GB (5 Days) *111*511# D58 F58
2 GB @ Tk.201 1GB (30 Days)  1GB (7 Days) *111*531# D31 F21
4 GB @ Tk.301 2GB (30 Days) 2GB (10 Days) *111*532# D20 F20
8 GB @ Tk.391 4GB (30 Days)  4GB (15Days) *111*533# D25 F4

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