How can I earn 30-50$ per day online?

I make $100 per day online.
I did it even when…
  • I'm from the third world country, the Philippines.
  • I don't have a college degree.
  • No experience in Traditional Jobs (even McDonald's didn't hire me for a service crew job)
  • I'm just 23, which is impossible to earn in my country if you're not a degree holder.
  • I didn't have to leave my home.
  • Or work anywhere if I want to.
  • I go on vacation anytime, as long as I have my laptop with me and an access to internet connection.
  • I'm just a self-taught Online Freelancer.
But also,
  • It wasn't easy.
  • I lost a total of thousand dollars in 5 years when I was figuring out to make money online so I had bad investments like falling for scams like bitcoin investments, gurus who teach how to make money online fast and effortlessly (I'd highly advice to stay away from them).
  • I'm 4 years in the Industry of Online Marketing before I made a thousand dollars a month.
  • I did all what all the advice I could find online but never earned a single penny.
  • I tried all the ways how to make money online from blogging, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, CPA, etc. You name it.
I didn't fail because it wasn't for me. I failed because I lack the knowledge, the important knowledge to succeed.
Because all of it works.
Many made their 6-7 figure income.
Understanding what you have to learn and the resources you need to have in order to succeed in any of those types of make money online is critical.
So, how do I make $100 per day?
After falling for so many advices in which I admit I lack the knowledge, I found out about doing work online.
Becoming an online Freelancer.
It wasn't really easy. I had to do my own research.
I had to know what jobs I could do online.
I had to learn how to get a job.
I worked and read tirelessly to win my first job.
Becoming an Online Freelancer was my only choice back then.
Because I have to make money as soon as I could have and blogging without a budget to promote your content would take a year to earn your first hundred dollars in most cases.
In my first year, I was making $200 per month.
Second year, $300 per month.
Third year, around $700 - $800 per month.
Fourth year, made my first thousand dollars.
And I literally cried when I earned it!
Now, making $100 per day as a Digital Marketer.
I had to learn everything in my own. I didn't have a learning path.
I learned in reverse. I'm a lil bit fascinated about my experience when I look back.
But I also struggled a lot between these years.
I became jobless several times.
I experienced hunger, ashamed when I couldn't pay my rent, and asking for help when I had to buy food just to survive for a day or two.
It was a painful experience but it's worth it.
So, my advice is...
Be hungry in Knowledge and the money will follow.
In Online, build your foundation to become a Digital Markerter.
Why Become Digital Marketer?
You can make other businesses to generate profits for them. Thus, you're an asset to the company.
Learn these in order:
  1. Basics in Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Copywriting
  4. Sales Funnel
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Facebook Ads
  7. Google Ads
  8. Spying (spy competitors, learn their strategies, learn their best campaign from ad creatives and how they do a testing to generate profits)
Always remember that you should always testing and trust the data to create a great strategy.

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